Welcome to the road!

“What a sick society we are in, where the best one can aim for in this life is to be peaceful. What happened to being happy?”. 

Ouch. Right in my gut… Here I was watching Sadhguru´s lectures to achieve Nirvana and he just came at me saying “Girl, how messed up are you to aim just for peace of mind!” kind of speech.

We are born to be happy. We are here to learn what happiness, true happiness is. Life is not scarce. We don’t have to choose between job and family, money or time, being oneself or being loved…


Life is abundant. It happens for us, not to us. And we can have it all and be immensely happy! We were born for it and we are meant to be happy!


For 28 years, I felt without purpose, anxious, depressed and worst: hopeless. I went to many doctors, through many diagnostics, through 20 panic attacks in one day… I worked hard, I reached success, international awards. Yet, even after becoming peaceful, that void inside my chest was still there. Today, I am not just functional, not just successful. I am not just peaceful. I am happy! 

This struggle became my purpose: to inspire you, invite you and support you developing the skills to be as tremendously happy as you are meant to be!

Based on my personal experience and as a Happiness Coach, through my articles I will be sharing with you:

Though it is a life journey, once you start, you will feel the results of your work almost immediately. 

Welcome to my life, welcome to The Road to Happiness! 🌈

How to use this website

Many roads can lead to happiness and there is not one-size-fits-all. Some of the tools and articles you will find here will resonate with you more than others. That’s ok! The key thing is to find what echoes in you and practice it! Shaping your mind to work for you, instead of against you, might take some time.

Sometimes you might read something and it just “clicks”. You experience such an awareness moment that change happens effortlessly.

Other times, it is really about practice. The way you think shapes your brain connections even. That means that it takes a conscious effort to ReThink until you ReWire your brain and it becomes automatic. This is the beauty of Neuroplasticity. So YES, you can change the way you think for good! 🥳
I often compare it to running an anti-virus. First, you stop toxic programs, then you install a new operating system. Be prepared to be amazed with the new functionalities of it!

I can’t grant you happiness, but I guarantee it has worked for me and many others. If you just show up and make the effort of applying it consistently and consciously.

Just navigate, read, find what suits you the most at the present moment, practice and… BE HAPPY 😁

What will you get?

Your professionalism during the sessions, combined with your insight, knowledge and experience involved in your sympathy and empathy, showed me in the 4 sessions the hidden difficulties that today leverage me to live a fuller, lighter and more pleasurable life. Thank you for being who you are and how you are! 🙏🏻 ☯️

Bruno Carvalho

Having Helena as my mentor was a life-changing experience for me. She is a powerful person that fills the air with flying energy, a pure professional with great empathy, and enthusiasm for people and their well-being. Her ability to live her life purpose even in the most challenging situations doesn't leave anyone indifferent.

Teodora Stojšin

Your ability to be direct and empathetic is paving the path to you becoming the coach who gets her client to search for their truth, you are love and play, which is further amplified as you coach. I feel assured after each session that there will be shifts in my perspective and me taking actions towards my Goal.

- Soraya Ho Sing Loy

Hi Helena, couple of weeks ago I had the honour to be your client. You helped me so much that I had to write you a couple of words. During the coaching session, the feeling of time was gone. My idea I carry about myself was gone. Talking to you felt like I am talking to myself, but my true-self. In the session I managed to get great clarity about what is really important, and where I should put my attention. Thank you Helena for having the skill to be direct, compassionate and clear. I truly thank you for your help.

– Shay Babila

I contacted Helena at the point when I didn't know whether to terminate my side project or make a pilot. After two mentoring sessions with her, I've got really motivated, and more importantly, I got a clear focus with defined steps I need to make. Helena gave me priceless advice and contacts. If you are looking for someone who can show you the path and boost your life, Helena will be a great choice.

— David Jambor

My first session with Helena Torres was spectacular. She is very friendly and professional, which made me very comfortable in the following sessions. Even I was surprised with myself! I reached my goals that I proposed myself to. I am very grateful to Helena and I recommend her to everyone.

- Mimi Roque

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